December 2015: The Feds quietly announced the passing of the Book Council today. The Conversation asked for a response.

November 2015: The Conversation wanted something more on Fifield’s re-scultpting of Brandis’s good work into the Catalyst Fund.

September 2015 : Butthurt Genuis: on the insufferable suffering of writers: For the Sydney Review of Books  on the ideologies of authorship

September 2015:  The Book Council of Australia has finally arrived. For The Conversation: The Book Council:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It is better than nothing.

July 2015: For the Conversation Brandis and Books  on Brandis, the National Program for Excellence in the Arts, and the current government’s book policy.

April 2015: ,“When they come to save books, what will they save?”, from the pages of Overland about the proposal for a new national book council–whatever the heck that will be.

November 2014Garrison City, on the political pantomime of the G20, Brisbane reliving its fortified past, and the role of skin in power, for Bumf’s special issue on the G20.

August 2014:”Literature Policy after the Literature Board”the audio for a recent lecture for UQ’s Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies.

February 2014: Self-censorship at Qld Theatre Company for The Conversation,

November 2013the Sydney Review of Books: So many paths that wind and wind  on the marketing of debut writers

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