Academic Writing

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Published Cultural Policy Consultancies

Cunningham, S., Rennie, E., Glover, S., Henkel, C., Keane, M., Tacchi, J., Hearn, G., Doneman, M., Smart State All Over: Opportunities for Broadcasting and Content Creation Enterprises in Regional Queensland, Report to Department of Premier and Cabinet, Queensland Government, CIRAC, October 2002.

Stuart Glover & Sharon Sargeant, “Building Local Going Global: the Queensland cultural policy, prepared for Arts Queensland, 1995. OR  BLGG_PartA    BLGG_PartB    BLGG_PartC  (on local server)

Unpublished Reports for Government and Industry

John Rimmer, Ian Smart, & Stuart Glover.  Creative Industries Precinct – Final Report, Business Plan for a Creative Industries Precinct at QUT Kelvin Grove, JTP P/L 2000.

Stuart Glover & Gillian Gardiner, Creative Futures: A Framework for Queensland Cultural Development, Report for Arts Queensland, 2000.

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