Journalism, Memoir, Essays, and Reviewing.

Their Body Politics: Malcolm, John, and junk in Tony’s Trunks” about politicians, their bodies, and sport. Griffith Review 53: Our Sporting Life: July 2016, pp:28-38.

Short Shelf Life: The Book Council of Australia is stuffed back on the Rack“, The Conversation, 15 December, 2015.

Out with the NPEA, in with Catalyst: Expert Response“. The Conversation, November 2015.

Butthurt Genius” on the ideologies of authorship for the Sydney Review of Books for September 2015.

Writers and Publishers are all at Sea under Brandis and the NPEA”  for The Conversation, July 2015.

Garrison City” on the political pantomime of the G20, for Bumf #55, November 2014.

“Brisbane and Tunnels”, The Conversation, March 2014.

“Arts companies should be able to tell governments to bugger off” , The Conversation, February 2014.

“A letter from my earliest days”  from November 2012, published in Yours Truly: Women of Letters, November 2013.

So many paths that wind and wind“, (on the marketing of debut fiction)  Sydney Review of Books October 2013.

“A letter to McSweeney’s concerning hipsters” in McSweeney’s 44, October 2013.

Speech on “Literary Patronage” for the Queensland Literary Awards on 4 September 2013.

The Value of Funding the Arts”: A podcast for Radio National and the Brisbane Writers Festival with  Katrina Strickland, Stephen Armstrong, and Sarah Kanowski, September 2013.

Australia Council Shake-up“: Australia Council CEO Tony Grybowski and I talk about the reforms to the Council: Radio National, July 2013.

The culture of prize giving“: Literary Prizes: Interview with Sophie Cunningham, James English, and me, Radio National, April 2013.

A note on cultural Funding” – 4zzz podcast read on No Brow Arts Show on 4ZZZ in April 2013.

National Cultural Policy Framework” podcast interview for Radio National  Weekend Arts Program, 5 May 2012.

Governments Consider Literary Stakes“: The prospects for print culture in the new National Cultural Policy,  for Writing Queensland magazine. (Brisbane, Dec 11)

“A Letter from Berlin”The Lifted Brow, December 2011.

No Magazine is an Island“, Comment/broadside: for Island Magazine on the Tasmanian State Government’s decision to defund the magazine after 30 years, November 2011.

David Reiter: Poet to Publisher” in Writing Queensland Magazine, Sept 2011.

An Interview About Creative Writing Courses“, for Avid Reader Newsletter, June 2011.

Views of Brisbane “Comments on Brisbane after the flood for an RN piece on Robert Brownhall’s exhibition”  Interview for Radio National Arts Program, 15 May 2011.

Islanding in Moreton Bay“: A short creative non-fiction piece on the Southern Moreton bay Islands, for LiNQ’s special issue on islands, (Dec 2010). pp: 187–89.

The Sunset Limited: Cormac McCarthy“, a review for Radio National Bookshow, 15 November 2010

Literary Festivals: Who are they for?”  for Radio National’s Book Show: 23 April 2010

Reading Vooks” an interview for the Bookshow, 4 February 2010.

Literature in Queensland: Mixed Signals” in Writing Qld, Dec 09/Jan10 pp:6-7.

Interview on Brisbane Writers for Radio National: Artsworks Program, March 2009.

Cities of Money” Griffith Review 22, Griffith U, (2008) pp:175-85.

The Second Last Chalkie”  Griffith Review 21, Griffith U, (2008) pp:47-49.

Viral Words: Belsen, 5 October 2007

Viral Words: Market, 1 Nov 2007

Viral Words: Policy, 13 Dec 2007

“Introduction” to A Most Provoking Thing: New Writing from QUT, edited by Stuart Glover, et al,  Brisbane: Faculty of Creative Industries QUT, 2004.

Stuart Glover & Stuart Cunningham. “The New Brisbane” Artlink Vol.23, No. 23. (2003): 16-23.

“Introduction” to I won’t be long…: the second dotlit creative writing anthology, edited by Stuart Glover, et al, Brisbane: Faculty of Creative Industries QUT, 2003.

Festival badly in need of a rewrite (op-ed piece) in Courier-Mail, 27 Feb 2003.

Introduction, Easy Writer: QUT Creative Writing Anthology 1, edited by Stuart Glover, Stuart, et al,Brisbane: Faculty of Creative Industries QUT, 2002.

Lives of the Poets (feature on anti-poetry pranks) in Writing Queensland, June 2001.

The War Against Cliche by Martin Amis  in Courier-Mail, May 2001.

England, My England (television review column) in Courier-Mail, 19 May 2001.

The Monday Dump (television review column) in Courier-Mail, 12 May 2001.

O Big Brother (television review column) in Courier-Mail, 5  May 2001.

Film-A Novel by Sean Condon in Courier-Mail, February 2001.

Napster = Now = Then = Dead Already  for Courier-Mail  2001,

“Whitman” in Imago 13.3 (2001) 50-55. (fiction)

Brisbane’s Ring of Confidence probably op-ed for Courier-Mail 2001

Money Matters (feature on literature funding) in Courier-Mail, December 2000.

Foley’s Defence (article on Arts Minister Matt Foley) in Courier-Mail, October 2000.

THIS IS NOT ART (feature on Newcastle’s TINA Festival) in Courier-Mail, October 2000.

The Bountiful Decade: Writing & Government in Queensland in the 1990s (feature) in QWC News, June 2000.

Experience by Martin Amis in Courier-Mail, June 2000.

Art & Organisation by Deborah Stevenson (Book Review) in Courier-Mail, 2000.

On the Essay: So what was the Twentieth Century a review of two essay collections, Courier-Mail, early 2000

“Dubash” in Dotlit 1.1 (2000). (fiction)

“Midnight’s Child” in Difficult Love Rockhampton: CQU Press (2000) 53-56 (fiction)

The Elsewhere Community by Hugh Kenner (All praise to the good of small things)Courier-Mail, 2 Jan 1999.

“Five Books”, for the Brisbane News), 1999.

“The Disloyal Subject: On Nick Earls’s ZigZag Street” Imago 10.2 (1998): 17–23.

The Beast in the Nursery (“Set free the beast in us all” feature review  on psychoanalyst Adam Phillips), in Courier-Mail, 25 July 1998.

The Tazyrik Year by Alan Gould reviewed in Courier-Mail, 1998.

Inside President Harding’s Trousers a review of Paul Johnson’s A history of the American people, in Courier-Mail, 1998

Transgressions, (Review  of Sarah Dunant’s novel) in Courier-Mail, 18 Oct 1997.

Launch of the Seriously Fishy Festival 1997, Speech Notes, August 1997

Murder under the Mangoes Launch Speech for this Book, April 1997

A short note on Grunge Fiction from the Brisbane Writers ‘ Festival 1996.

“On Venero Armanno“, Speech, Italo Australian Club, Newmarket, Brisbane, 1996.

Introduction to Young Writers’ Handbook published by the Qld Writers Centre, 1993

Prue Returns to Probe North, Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton, 30 Sept 1991.

A Review of “Good Morning Vietnam” from 1988  from Semper Floreat

A Review of “Wall Street” from 1988  from Semper Floreat

A Review of “Jean de Florette” & “Manon de Sources” from Semper Floreat in 1988

Bob Dylan in Brisbane in 1992: a review for Felix Culpa

Review of “Down in the Groove” : from Semper Floreat in 1988

“Blah, Blah, Blah” A few words on Andrew Denton’s first TV in Semper Floreat 1988.



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